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Two Bros,
Endless possibilities.

Hey, Keet here, 1/2 founder of Landing Bros.
So what's Landing Bros? Good question.
Landing Bros is a web design agency with a little twist.
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See, unlike relying on freelancers or spending months trying to hire the perfect designer and looking for a developer, the Bros keep it simple with customized plans that suit you.
It gets better.
There's no calls to take up your time.
No boring lengthy contracts to sign.
You can chat directly to us anytime.
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Connect with us 1:1
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Some of our work.

How it works?

After connecting to us, you and your team will be invited to an exclusive Slack channel to collaborate with us directly. From here, you can chat to us 1:1 and submit your request. Yeah... It's that simple.

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How can we help you?
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Copy Can you design and develop a website for our clinic?
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Here's a link to a google doc for you to fill with general info and assets. We'll get back to you in a few minutes.

Our Process


Week 1: We create a Google Drive folder and send you a short questionnaire to fill out. Once it's finished, we start sketching the sales page in wireframing software and share it with you, to collect feedback on the page structure and flow.


Week 2: Next, it's time for the creative process. We craft compelling copywriting that best communicates your offer's USP and create unique designs that complement it and align with your brand's identity.


This is the easiest part for you and the sweatiest part for us. We make necessary revisions, talk about add ons that you need and deliver it asap for the final approval.


Week 3-4: With revisions and your final approval, we develop the page. The end result is a dynamic lander built with clean code to guarantee fast load times and integrated into your store. After live check and testing we can wrap up the project or continue working together on monthly optimization - it's up to you.

Why choose the Bros over hiring a full-time designer and a developer?

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landing bros coins
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Hiring is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. You need to attract the right candidates, review hundreds of applications, offer a substantial salary, benefits, and pay the cost of hiring expenses.

Landing Bros allows you to skip the ugly hiring process, save thousands of dollars a month, and jump right into the process so you can make progress from day one instead of waiting weeks or months to get started.

Subscribe to a plan and start making

Fyi, our plans start with a base cost of
INR23,999 ($291)
After subscribing you will be sent a welcome email to onboard you to Landing Bros. Shortly after you will receive an invite to a private Slack channel where we can start working on your requirements immediately.

Still unsure?

Some FAQs for you.

Oh, hey there again.
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I'm honestly surprised you made it this far.
Well, this is awkward.
So, what now?
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I guess you could CONNECT with us.
As we'd love to work with you.
See you?
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